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Rejestracja firmy
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Company registration

Our company offers registration of OU companies in Estonia. Read the information on this page and give us the registration of the first company. How to encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer?

Income tax on legal entities in the EU

  • % podatku
Your LLC company. earned PLN 200,000 net of net profit in a given tax year.

In Poland you will pay 19% tax x 200,000 PLN = 38,000 PLN CIT, that is, the company’s account will be 200,000 PLN – 38,000 PLN = 162 000 PLN.

You are entering the new tax year with the amount of PLN 162,000.

In Estonia, you pay 0% (under the condition of no dividend payment), that is, you enter into a new tax year with a full amount of PLN 200,000

Tax incentives in Estonia

  • the possibility of establishing a 1 person z.o.o. (OU) with one shareholder and one director in the same person without any difficulties and visits to a notary
  • 0% Corporation Tax tax (legal entities) on condition of no dividend payment, representation costs
  • No withholding tax in case of dividend payment (Estonia does not distinguish the tax on dividends – there is no double taxation there).
    the possibility of starting a company from scratch using the so-called e-Residences without a visit to Tallinn
    the opportunity to purchase a company remotely using the Power of Attorney
  • the possibility of buying a ready company

What you need for registration
To register a company, we need:

company’s name
capital (minimum EUR 2,500)
core business
basic board and shareholder documents (passport or ID card) and proof of address.