Company formation in Estonia –


3 ways of company formation in Estonia

  1. Registration with e-Residency Card
  2. Registration with visit in Tallin
  3. Remotely company formation with POA

Registration using e-Residency card

Registration with the e-Residency card
This is probably the easiest way to set up a company in Estonia, but not the fastest – unless you already have a card. The company’s registration takes several hours, but the process of applying for the e-Residency card can take from 1 to 2 months. When thinking about this method, you have to plan everything in advance. Having an e-Residency card opens the door to Estonia because the card serves as an electronic signature. With the card, you set up a company, bank account (with some restrictions), register the .EE internet domain, and submit a VAT declaration.

If you already have a card – contact us for the company registration service.


Registration with local notary public

Do you need a company much faster? No problem. We will help you book a flight to Tallinn – flights take place 2-3 times a day from the Chopin airport in Warsaw. You will book your accommodation and we will go to a local notary in Tallinn together. Remember to bring with you an ID card or passport and information about the name of the company, capital, and business object. Earlier, you should also think about the company’s registration address.

This method requires you to contact us 7-10 days in advance to arrange a meeting at a notary’s office.


Remotely company formation

Do not you want to go to Estonia? There is no problem for us. Our tax advisor will prepare for you a model of the power of attorney in Polish, which you will sign in Poland in a notary’s office. It will be clear from the content of the power of attorney that you appoint an Estonian representative for the company’s registration. The power of attorney will have a limited scope of activities and limited time, thanks to which your interests will be fully secured.

ATTENTION! In the case of this method – an Estonian notary will require that the power of attorney takes the form of a notarial deed and that a notarial deed must be translated into at least English. In this case, J. Estonian will not be required.

Company formation costs in Estonia

The registration of a company consists of several elements. Every Estonian company must have a real address in Estonia. Our company has a rented physical office without any intermediaries. We provide you with the address of your office in the form of a virtual office, which you can always come to by appointment.

Initial costs


with e-Residency card

Initial costs


POA or visit in notary

Open company in Estonia – what do you need?

  • if you have – e-Residency card – Personal Identification Number
  • proof of identity – proof of ID – accepted documents are a passport or ID card
  • proof of address – proof of address – approved documents are: a utility bill no older than 90 days or a driving license with the address of residence
  • company’s name
  • capital – EUR 2,500 – but there is a possibility of non-financial contribution – details after contact with us
  • nature of business
  • registered office address
  • contract for the registration of a company with our company

How remote service works?

Please skip this section in the event if you are the e-Residency card holder.  Remote service is dedicated to other persons, who want to start with company registration in Estonia immediately.   We present below a few steps to begin quickly.

  1.  You should contact Eesticonsulting and ask about the draft of Power of Attorney for company registration in Estonia
  2. Then you need to visit the notary public in your country of residence and grant Power of Attorney to our employee
  3. Sometimes Power of Attorney should be apostilled, but it depends on the country, in which you live ( We will advise you and check international agreements about Tax Aid concluded between Estonia and your country of residence).
  4. Arrange courier shipment to Estonia ( we recommend DHL or UPS)
  5. Our employee will go to the notary public and will sign an agreement on behalf of you to register Estonian company quickly.
  6. RIK – Commercial Register will publish records concerning company details

Bank Account for Estonian company

Our competitors inform clients about troubles with opening the bank account in Estonia for non-residents.   They don’t care about the final client.

They said: “Don’t try to apply for a bank account – you won’t be success”

Eesticonsulting is a consulting company based in Tallinn with international experience not only in Estonia.  We are the office in the heart of London and cooperate with nonresidents over the world.

We are fully experienced in tax and law matters.   Our employee have qualified knowledge about bank account opening procedures in Estonia.

We tried to apply to the most know banks as follow:


We can show you confirmation of opening bank accounts for non-residents in these banks.  Oh….right..  if the risk of Money Laundering is high and the client will operate with high volume transactions, including cash transactions…SWEDBANK has the right to refuse.


Accounting & Tax Office in Estonia

Estonian tax & accounting firm with many years of experience in area of international tax planning activities.  I you are interested in company formation in Estonia – dont hesitate contact our employees.